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July 11, 2009
Branding in a Multicultural Context
To efficiently communicate a brand’s message, marketers must understand the differences between the high and low context cultures, and how they interpret messages presented to them. 

July 11, 2009
Complement Advertising with a Broader Public Relations Strategy
Public Relations provides a communications tool that can assume many of the functions of conventional advertising and marketing.

July 11, 2009
Guidelines to Successful Website Design
User-Centered Methodology teaches us that successful websites are built around the needs of the user. A website that is easy to use and understand helps enhance a company’s image and generate new business.

July 10, 2009
The Importance of Developing an Integrated Marketing Program
An Integrated Marketing Communications Program is a comprehensive marketing strategy that promotes your business over a wide variety of media.  An IMC program involves two stages:  planning and implementation of marketing programs.

July 10, 2009
Making a Monthly House Call to Each of Your Customers
An effectively designed mini-magazine allows your customer to feel as though he belongs within your company culture.

December 22, 2007
New Flash! No One Wants to Read a Boring, Outdated Press Room or Media Section
This article explains the importance of a good press room/media section and the downfalls of having ones that are outdated or poorly made.

December 19, 2007
Research Marketing
MZI Global has extensive and varied research techniques that benefit clients.

December 19, 2007
Irwin Karnick, World-Renowned Artist and Environmentalist
Irwin “Ike” Karnick is a planetary citizen; a photojournalist and filmmaker whose work uses compelling words and images designed to inspire social and environmental activism.

December 13, 2007
Are You Missing a Great Opportunity in Book Packaging?
This article explains the complexity and benefits of custom book packaging as marketing tool.

December 13, 2007
Asset Diversification is Beneficial
Diverse tactics all working towards the same goal can help your company be successful in your endeavors.

August 04, 2007
This article explains what a Mini is exactly and how it is more useful and beneficial in this day and age.

August 04, 2005
Marketing to Emerging Majorities via Ethnic Media Channels
This article explains the importance and benefits to using cultural information in your marketing tactics. 

March 23, 2005
What Is User-Centered Methodology and How Will It Increase My Business?
User-Centered Methodology is a structured approach to maximizing a site’s function by emphasizing primary focus on the site’s user.

September 24, 2002
How Do I “Brand” My Country With Global Marketing?
This case studies shows how we successfully branded and marketed a Moroccan company successfully in the U.S. market.

September 22, 2002
Is Advertising Really Useful in Today’s Economy?
This article explains advertising’s crucial role in marketing and promotion and the extent of advertising’s capabilities and benefits to your company.

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