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January 07, 2010

How does MZI Global deliver their value proposition via Ethnosynergism?

MZI Global Core Ethnosynergism® Networks deliver our clients a superior value proposition via:

  • Partnership with leading academic institutions (access to latest and greatest in the fields of expertise), constant study on new and emerging markets and segments
  • Global Partnership: global clients – foreign governments; access to 4000 + emerging companies (cross-selling products and making deals within network) – connection to 4 continents and 10 industries
  • US Local Partnership with ethnic leadership (including world leaders and CEOs of Fortune 500) with over 300 ethnic organization via NECO ( (European, Asian, Latino, and African American), benefiting clients in sales via cultural preferences: cultural micro-segmentation MZI Ethnosynergism®
  • Woman leadership network (member of WPEO) and AWIB (Asian Women in Business) and South Asian leadership access to leading female owned enterprises and leadership in US
  • Media Partnerships Saja – network of Asian and South Asian journalist in US and worldwide
  • Membership with leading exclusive private academic and business clubs in US and worldwide.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility as part of MZI global strategy - doing things differently from competition in order to better serve a particular customer (aligning social responsibility with profit optimization) – MZI global company brochure