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September 27, 2007

MZI Global Marketing Partners with Womens Organizations

Every industry is in the process of going global these days. For American companies, that means learning how to market their products internationally, but for some companies, that means finding a way to tap into the complex and vast markets of consumers in the U.S. One company, MZI Global Marketing, is partnering with leading womens organizations to help small international businesses make this leap.

As Andre Kim, South Koreas most famous and powerful fashion designer states in the New York Times full-page article on Korean fashion 9/15/07, "Fashion should portray grace, intellectual and artistic beauty, youthful energy...not too classic." In that vein, MZI Global Marketing is organizing a unique fashion event in New York City - Fashion Market Day - featuring top upcoming and established Korean fashion brands, after their West Coast introduction. As South Korea has opened up since the 1980s and Western clothing has been made popular, talented Korean fashion designers are ready to "strut their stuff" in this one-day buyers market event.

MZI Global Marketing is partnering with the Korean Women Entrepreneurs Association (KWEA) to promote seven Korean designers, all woman-owned small businesses. Through the event, which is sponsored by the Small Business Corporation (SBC) of Korea, the designers will be debuting their 2008 collections for U.S. buyers in hopes of breaking into the U.S. market. It is a critical step for these businesses, many of which have already garnered noteworthy success domestically and who are hoping to grow their businesses by introducing their products to U.S. consumers.

"American buyers expect quality apparel at low prices, but whats been missing is style. American buyers need designers who can deliver all three elements: style, price and quality," said Mira Zivkovich, president and CEO of MZI Global Marketing. "These Korean designers are known for their excellence in all three areas, but in order to bring their products to the U.S., they need support from American market experts. Were thrilled to collaborate with the KWEA to bring the collections of these incredible women designers to the U.S.

MZI Global Marketing is also meeting with additional womens organizations, including Womens Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), Asian Women in Business (AWIB) and KWEA in October to determine additional opportunities to help women grow their businesses. WBENCs president, Linda J. Denny, will meet with the MZI Global Marketing team on Oct. 16 and KWEAs president Yoon-Jung Ahn, will meet with the MZI Global Marketing team on Oct. 17. Any womens groups interested in participating in these discussions, or in scheduling individual events or meetings can contact Mira Zivkovich.

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