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January 07, 2010

What differentiates MZI Global Strategy Consulting from other firms?

MZI Global’s competitive advantages are as follows:

  • Narrowly focus clients issues market entry strategy formulation: growth/expansion,  new products, new ventures, and developing  brands
  • Strategic formulation: Entire roadmap of market entry strategy formulation: growth/expansion:
  • A new industry in the same geographical area.
  • The same industry in a new geographical area.
  • A new industry and a new geographical area
  • New Brand Development
  • New Ventures
  • Strategy Implementation Impacts:  We formulate and deliver a client-focused strategy that we successfully implement.
  • Experience of 22 years +: We’ve successfully executed 1000+ projects. Utilizing our own proprietary methodology “Ethnosynergism® we were able to consistently deliver sustainable improvements in value for our US and global clients.
MZI portfolio of product/services deliverables are based on single client issues: Market entry leverages from a single pool of expertise into multiple revenue generating opportunities for our clients across 15 industries and 10 nation- offering same products:
  • Global Alliance
  • Industry Expertise