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January 07, 2010

What are MZI Global’s advantages?

MZI Global’s advantages are:

  • Focused Market Entry Specialization (brands, products, ventures)
  • MZI Global Network Opportunities: 1 Market Entry = 25 Countries , 4000 companies globally, 300 leadership organization in US , top 10 academic partnerships in international marketing,
  • Ethnosynergism methodology - consistent report methodology –multicultural segments in US – leveraged to global
  • Linked into the supply chain network contacts (over 30,000 distributers in US)
  • Robust methodology approach is up-to-date / ethic Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Functional and practical solution implementation - deal making
  • MZI Global’s proven strategy solutions deliver the added value of a customer segmentation research strategy and competitive positioning. We develop value chain optimization solutions and deliver real world examples of how we’ve provided comprehensive solutions to our customers. MZI Global practices social responsibilities in areas critical to our firm’s ongoing success; as such, we add that to our strategic solutions for market entry.

1. MZI Market Entry services cover

  • A new industry in the same geographical area
  • The same industry in a new geographical area
  • A new industry and a new geographical area

2. New Brand Development

3. New Ventures