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January 07, 2010

What are MZI Global’s key achievements?

MZI Global: Visionary ∙ Innovation ∙ Networks are key advantages for our clients.
Pioneered “Ethnosynergism™” market system via segmentation
Ethnosynergism™: Innovative approach to branding that identifies new customer segments and new markets through a hands-on method.

  • 30% lower costs for market implementation
  • 90% lower costs for worldwide productions
  • Win-win situation for all stakeholders involved, including foreign government, US organizations, end users and clients’ customers.
  • Aligns non-competing markets targeting same customers such as US private corporations with foreign customers: Hosiery Corporation of America  & Dominican Republic Tourism, Spiegel Corporation with Canadian Hotel Chain and The Very Thing (now Talbots) with 7 countries (Chile, Caribbean counters, Spain and Croatia)
Pioneered “MOVIE_LOG” to directly engage end-users
Movie Log - now reality TV: New sales channel engaged consumers by cross promotion through catalog and video.
ROI for our client:

  • Won Tally Award for Best Sales Video in 1989
  • Increase sales of product by 20%
  • Increase product awareness by 30%
  • Cut production cost by 20%
  • Successfully uncovered new market segments
  • Cultivated new relationship totaling millions of dollars in business opportunities and brand recognition
  • Created Academic Partnership Networks for continuous study of culturally diverse markets