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January 07, 2010

What is MZI Global all about?

MZI Global is a narrowly focused on “market entry” consultancy.  MZI Global’s product service portfolio contains solutions for 15 industries, with multi-cultural experiences which leverage into international markets - 10 languages and 4 continents. MZI Global’s unique market entry model, Ethnosynergism®”, does not require huge overhead expenditures but utilizes our global network of companies, contacts, and governments right here in NYC.

Other Benefits:

Our high strategic insights give us the capability to deliver excellent tactical guidelines.  By planning strategic alliances within our client’s industry around the globe, MZI helps clients minimize risks of market entry around the globe. We are also experts on Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy.

  • All global deals are US based (inbound and outbound), without the cost of having offices in foreign countries.
  • All global research is done in US “ethnic” market to provide leverage for international markets.
  • Ethnosynergism® methodology, giving our clients breakthrough results.
  • Comprehensive understanding of markets and how to reach client’s costumers
  • MZI’s Global core networks help us deliver value by connecting our clients and building mutually beneficial relationships.