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January 07, 2010

The Origins of Ethnosynergism

The Essential Insight:

This article explains the origins of MZI Global’s strategic method of planning, Ethnosynergism.
Origin of Ethnosynergism®

Culžture (k l ch r), Noun, [Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin cultura, from cultus, past participle] 1: the history, behavior, arts, beliefs, and other aspects of a particular group of people that define them as a particular group of people.
Ethžnožsynžeržgism ( th n s n r-j z m), Noun, [Greek ethnikos national, gentile, from ethnos nation, people; akin to Greek Ethos custom, and from Greek synergos, working together] 1: Loving and immersing yourself in a culture to a point that the culture immerses itself in you. 2: The simultaneous action of separate marketing methodologies working together producing a greater total effect than the sum of their individual effects. 3: A need for an emotional bond between client and company.
The Emergence of Ethnosynergism®
Mira Zivkovich dressed elegantly for an Indian Doctor’s Ball. While she was enjoying herself, a man who was in awe struck by Mira, walked up to her and said, “Our marriages are arranged in our country so I can’t marry you.” The gal of this arrogant doctor repulsed Mira. How dare he, she thought. Well of course our hero, the doctor, had fallen for Mira. After the party, the doctor went to Mira’s home country, and over the next two weeks taught himself over a thousand words of Serbian. At the end of the two weeks he called up Mira and spoke to her in perfect Serbian. Mira instantly fell in love. From there, Mira and the doctor traded homeland dishes and stories. The cultural merging formed Ethnosynergism. And, of course, they married.
Why Ethnosynergism®:
No one wants to buy a product or service from a stranger. Through the strategic methodology of Ethnosynergism, MZI can make a company warm and familiar to the consumer.
A U.S. citizen will look upon Indian food as if their mother had been cooking it all their life. They’ll feel a Chinese fabric and think of the safety of their father at Christmas when they open a present; or they’ll even feel at home, on New Years, in the rich exotic land of Morocco.
How Does Ethnosynergism® Work:
MZI’s multicultural team comes from a variety of economic, social, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. What cultures we haven’t grown up with, we have sought out, researched, and intimately immersed ourselves in? As a result, MZI can effectively market any product, to any audience, from their comfort zone, on an intimate level effectively opening any market to your company.